* Nice to meet you!
let duthaho = {
  fullName: 'Duong Thanh Hop',   // [@duthaho](https://github.com/duthaho)
  skills: /(game)(front|back)end/,
  city: 'Da Nang, VN',      // from Quang Ngai, VN
  dateOfBirth: '02/01/1990'

 * Here are my experiences.
duthaho.experiences = {
  python: ['django'],
  csharp: ['.net'],
  cplusplus: ['cocos2dx'],
  javascript: ['react', 'reactnative', 'vue', 'nodejs'],
  php: ['laravel', 'wordpress'],
  database: ['MySQL', 'SQLServer', 'MongoDB', 'GraphQL']

 * Here are my projects.
duthaho.projects = [
  "[Deploying personal bog using gatsby](https://duthaho.com/)",
  "[Deploying free learning course using gatsby](https://learn.duthaho.com/)",
  "[Deploying htdiscuss using React and NodeJS](https://htdiscuss.surge.sh/)",
  "[Deploying quiz system using React and Firebase](https://quiz.duthaho.com/)",
  "[Asp.net Web API 2 with UoW, Generic Repository, Unity, EF, OData, MEF, NLog, NUnit and Moq ](https://github.com/duthaho/dotnet-api/)",
  "[SOLID principle and Design Patterns in CSharp ](https://github.com/duthaho/dotnet-designpatterns/)",
  "[Build react authentication with firebase, redux, react router v4 and net core](https://duthaho.github.io/react-firebase/)",
  "[Build react with wikipedia api](https://duthaho.github.io/react-wikipedia/)"


export {"[cv](https://drive.google.com/file/d/10HfMTaTPWwAgXb3MXUm1YnGw-F8j1QOn/view)" as duthaho};