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Software Engineer, Peddler

Building a social market place website for large-scale data analysis and visualization using modern web technologies (NodeJS, ReactJS, AngularJS).

The platform include a highly performance, that lets users discover, buy and review the product they love.

Software Engineer, HT Active

A company with young and brilliant members, offers a great service in the design, development and programming.

Lead development of many web applications, built with JavaScript (NodeJS, React, Vue), PHP (Laravel, WordPress), Python (Django).

Advise organizations on product development, analytics, and engineering systems.

Interviews for engineering candidates and mentored junior developers.

Software Engineer, VNPT

As a core member of the team, I built a desktop application for hospitals, integrated with HIS, RIS systems, connected to x-ray, endoscope, and ultrasound machine from the ground up.

Lead development of license management website (.NET, React, Firebase), added key features to the invoice website (.NET).

Improve working process and apply the refactoring on code.

Software Engineer, GameLoft

Managed a small team about 8 members, created and ported many famous games such as Asphalt 8, World At Arm, CityMania.

Coaching and supporting the whole division, implement new and hard features.

Development many tools for improve working process.