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Software Engineer, Paradox

The AI assistant saving the world's best talent acquisition teams countless hours and creating world-class candidate experiences by automating all kinds of recruiting tasks through smart, simple conversations.

- Design the database and the API.

- Write the Unit Test.

- Custom the Django REST framework to adapt with the project.

- Refactoring and applying the design pattern for some services.

- Building the new UI architect.

- Building the tool to improve working process.

- Stacks: Python, VueJS, MySQL.

Software Engineer, Peddler

It's a social market place website for large-scale data analysis and visualization using modern web technologies. The platform includes a highly performance, that lets users discover, buy and review the product they love.

- Design the database and the API.

- Writing the Unit Test.

- Develop the admin dashboard.

- Stacks: NodeJS, MongoDB, ReactJS, AngularJS.

Software Engineer, HT Active

A company with young and brilliant members, offers a great service in the design, development and programming.

- Leading of many web applications build by a lot of frameworks.

- Working with customers to receive the projects.

- Organizing working process, analytics, and engineering systems.

- Interviewing the candidates and mentoring developers.

- Stacks: NodeJS, PHP, Python, ReactJS, VueJS, MongoDB.

Software Engineer, VNPT

- As a core member of the team, I built a desktop application for hospitals, integrated with HIS, RIS systems, connected to x-ray, endoscope, and ultrasound machine from the ground up.

- Leading development of license management system and key features to the invoice website.

- Improving working process and applying the refactoring for projects.

- Stacks: .NET, ReactJS., SQL Server

Software Engineer, GameLoft

- Managing a team about 8 members, creating and porting many famous games such as Asphalt 8, World At Arm, CityMania.

- Coaching and supporting the whole division, implementing new and hard features.

- Develop many tools for improve working process.

- Stacks: C++, C#, Python.